France Indo-Pacific

Security and defence

The security and defence pillar is of paramount importance in France’s Indo-Pacific strategy. France is closely monitoring the growing tensions in the region and is determined to calm the situation in accordance with the rule of law.


The first objective of France’s Indo-Pacific strategy is to defend its sovereignty over its population and territories in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, and to protect its exclusive economic zone (EEZ).

Regional security

France is committed to promoting regional security by engaging in new military cooperation with partners and allies.

Access to maritime routes

In view of the critical importance of the Indo-Pacific sea lanes to global trade, France has reaffirmed its commitment to maritime security in the region.

Strategic stability

France is determined to deepen its coordination and interoperability with regional partners in order to maintain strategic stability.

Environmental security

France aims to raise awareness of the geopolitical risks posed by environmental disasters and climate change., with Cooperans, monitors the development of the security and defence aspects of France’s Indo-Pacific strategy and analyses its geopolitical impacts

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