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Multilateralism and the rule of law

The third pillar of France’s Indo-Pacific strategy involves the promotion of multilateralism and the rule of law to ensure stability in Indo-Pafic and develop answers to collectives challenges.

Multilateralism promotion

France is actively promoting multilateralism in the Indo-Pacific region, striving for greater coordination among nations and organizations to respond more quickly to challenges such as pandemics.

Regional cooperation

France, as a member of several regional organizations in the Indian and Pacific oceans, supports the development of new partnerships to increase cooperation and share its expertise in various fields.

EU’s Indo-Pacific strategy

France strongly supports the EU’s Indo-Pacific strategy and advocates for a unified position among EU members to tackle challenges in the region.

Human rights and governance

France is a strong advocate for human rights and the rule of law in the Indo-Pacific, aiming to create conditions conducive to the adoption of good governance principles.

Ocean governance

France is committed to working with like-minded Indo-Pacific partners to promote the primacy of the rule of the law of the sea in ocean governance., with Cooperans, analyses the actions conducted by France to enhance multilateralism in Indo-Pacific and offers its expertise in conducting cooperation projects.

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