France Indo-Pacific

Economy and connectivity

The second pillar of France’s Indo-Pacific strategy focuses on the economy and connectivity. France aims to be a reliable partner for the growing economies in the Indo-Pacific region, working together to develop innovative and sustainable solutions.

Trade diversification

France is seeking to diversify its supplies and reduce dependencies in the Indo-Pacific region by exploring new markets and increasing investments in developing economies.

International standards promotion

France is committed to promoting the implementation of international standards in production and governance to ensure fair competition and sustainable development.

Connectivity and infrastructure facilities

France is prepared to assist Indo-Pacific countries in building sustainable infrastructure facilities that meet their needs in terms of connectivity and urbanization.

Support for French Companies

Through its Indo-Pacific strategy, France aims to facilitate the expansion of French companies in the innovative Indo-Pacific region and strengthen economic ties between the two regions.

Research partnerships

One of the objectives of France’s Indo-Pacific strategy is to promote cooperation between French and Indo-Pacific universities and research institutions, to increase people-to-people exchanges and jointly develop new innovation programs., with Cooperans, helps for the development of new French Indo-Pacific projects in economy, research and connectivity.

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