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Climate change and biodiversity

The fourth pillar of France’s Indo-Pacific strategy concerns the protection of common goods and the promotion of sustainable development practices.

Climate change and energy transition

Regarding climate change and energy transition, France is engaging in dialogue with Indo-Pacific nations to accelerate the transition to cleaner energy and achieve climate neutrality. France supports the use of solutions that enable a transition away from fossil fuels.


In terms of biodiversity, France is interested in expanding partnerships with Indo-Pacific nations to implement policies that protect biodiversity. France is also committed to adopting a comprehensive global framework outlined in COP15.

Ocean protection

France is also committed to protecting the ocean and developing a sustainable Blue economy in collaboration with the Indo-Pacific region.

Natural disaster responses

Furthermore, France is dedicated to working with regional powers to provide prompt responses to natural disasters and protect local populations.

Regional cooperation with French overseas institutions

Finally, as part of its Indo-Pacific strategy, France aims to increase cooperation between French overseas research institutions and their Indo-Pacific counterparts in the field of environmental studies. oversees the implementation of actions carried out as part of the French strategy in the Indo-Pacific and supports French and Indo-Pacific actors in their environmental projects

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