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About us aims at fostering cooperation between France and the Indo-Pacific region. Our platform analyses the development of the French strategy for cooperation in Indo-Pacific countries and supports French and Indo-Pacific stakeholders in managing their projects in key areas identified by France. is an independent initiative developed by the Cooperans firm, and therefore, has no official links with any French institutions. It is also a business-oriented initiative. Although we do not underestimate the security aspect of France’s Indo-Pacific strategy, primarily focuses on establishing strong commercial relations between France and the Indo-Pacific region.

France and the Indo-Pacific region are interdependent, therefore, companies, institutions, universities and civil society members in both areas should begin to develop a common path for the future.

Our activities works as a forum, enabling actors from both France and the Indo-Pacific region to exchange information and to communicate. We monitor the development of France’s Indo-Pacific strategy on the part of state and non-state actors and communicate details of the main events and initiatives embarked upon for the consolidation of France Indo-Pacific relations. organizes events and webinars to increase awareness among the French and Indo-Pacific audience of the potential for cooperation between the two regions. We publish reports and working papers on specific aspects of the relationship between France and Indo-Pacific countries.

Moreover, with Cooperans offers consulting services to organizations planning to operate between the two regions. advocates stronger French and European engagement in the Indo-Pacific region, so that French and European companies are able to take advantage of the many opportunities offered by the rapid development of the emerging economies of Indo-Pacific countries.

Cooperans assists stakeholders from France and the Indo-Pacific region in conducting projects together.

We encourage stakeholders from both regions to share their actions and proposals with us, in order that we can work together to develop a stronger France Indo-Pacific dialogue.

Our vision is committed to building new bridges between France and Indo-Pacific and promoting dialogue between the two regions.

We believe in a free and open Indo-Pacific region connected to France and the EU.

Our mission

Our mission is to promote dialogue between France and Indo-Pacific and to support cooperation initiatives formulated by stakeholders from both regions.

Our goal is to bring French and Indo-Pacific parties together to build a safer and more prosperous world.

We provide information to the relevant parties, analyse data and advocate closer ties between France and the Indo-Pacific region.

Cooperans is a French consultancy specializing in connectivity and regional development projects.

Cooperans offer tailor-made solutions in project management, public affairs, place branding, international cooperation and training.

Cooperans supports social and environment-friendly projects developed by private companies, government agencies, NGOs and universities in Europe, Indo-Pacific, and Africa.

France's Indo-Pacific strategy