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promoting France Indo-Pacific relations, an initiative created by Cooperans, aims at enhancing relations between France and  the Indo-Pacific region according to France’s Indo-Pacific strategy.

We inform about the development of the France Indo-Pacific relations and help for the making of new partnerships between French and Indo-Pacific companies and institutions.

France's Indo-Pacific strategy

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France and the Indo-Pacific

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The Indo-Pacific region

The Indo-Pacific region is a recent concept that was first developed by Japanese politicians in 2007 and was subsequently adopted by several powers in the area, including India, Australia, the United States and Indonesia.

It covers a large area with loose frontiers from East Africa to the Pacific nations and even to the US West coast, according to certain countries. The region boasts up to 60 percent of the world’s population, with the two most populated countries, namely, China and India in one single region. The development of the Indo-Pacific region has become a major engine for global economic growth, with the successful economic rise of China and other emerging markets. Indo-Pacific countries are aiming for regional integration, for example, with the signing of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership in 2020.

The economic development of the Indo-Pacific region led the US to pivot towards Asia under the Obama administration. It is now time for the EU to adopt a similar approach and to develop a coordinated and autonomous policy vis-à-vis Indo-Pacific countries.

Conferences organises regular conferences and meetings to support dialogue between France and the Indo-Pacific region.


We offers webinars to French and Indo-Pacific stakeholders to better understand both regions.


Our experts publish reports and working papers on the development of the French strategy in the Indo-Pacific.

Public affairs œuvre pour la promotion de relations plus fortes entre les deux régions.